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Poplar Hill Hillbillys


The Poplar Hill & District Lions Club Hillbillys really put the FUN in FUNdraiser! Our Hillbilly float attends parades and brings plenty of smiles as it passes the crowds.

Hauled by a specially made outomobile and playing moosical instruments, the Hillbillys drum up a special mystical enthusiasm from the throngs of people enjoying the moment.


Look good

We take pride in our appearence

Hang out washing

We usually hang a good washing

Do nothing

There is a lot of times we have to work hard at doing nothing

Win prizes

Apart from being world first prize winners, we win at other stuff too

Champions of the World

To mark Lion's Club International's 100th anniversary in 2017, the Lions International held their annual convention with a rally in Chicago, Illinois (where the Lion's Club was founded). Lions from all over the world attended this auspicious occasion. Members of Poplar Hill and District Lions Club undertook a huge journey moving their Poplar Hillbilly's float across to the USA. In preparation for crossing the border, they contacted the US Customs who refused the Hillbilly float flat out. The float's cabin being made of wood rang the alarm bells, so the Hillbillys had to scrap the cabin and rebuild with sheet metal. The amazing work behind the logistics of moving the float and the tow car were not easy but they managed to fit it all together in Chicago. Not only did they partake in the parade with floats from all over the world,
THEY WON FIRST PRIZE! How about that for putting Poplar Hill and District on the world map!

Champions of the World

Poplar Hill Hillbillys undertook a huge journey to Chicago for the Lion's International Centennial Convention in Chicago. They won first prize!


First Tour

June 11 2013


November 28 2013

Dawn start Toronto bound

July 5 2014

Christmas Parade

November 8 2014
Poplar Hill

CTV London News

Nov 29 2015
Hyde Park

Canada Day

July 1 2016

Parade Head-Turner

Nov 12 2016
Poplar Hill

International Winner!

July 11 2017

Cold Parade Winners

November 26 2017

Fall Fair

September 11 2018

Ilderton Fair

September 28 2019

Ailsa Craig Christmas Parade

December 10 2022
Ailsa Craig