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The Poplar Hill & District Lions Club

The Poplar Hill & District Lions Club's BBQ Chicken Dinner'

Remember the old days when we used to line up in the Poplar Hill Park and eat chicken dinner?. . . . .

June 11 between 5 and 7pm in Poplar Hill Park

A BBQ half chicken served with baked potato, Walt's baked beans, coleslaw, a roll & butter and a tart for dessert. Tea, coffee and water are available. If you wish, you are invited to bring your own cutlery and plates to cut down on waste.

Bringing the kids? We will be selling a hot dog & soda pop for $2.00 to children (under 12) whose parents are having the chicken dinner.

Order your Chicken Dinner here: The Poplar Hill & District Lions Club's BBQ Chicken Dinner

Supporting our event supports our community 100%

Poplar Hill Lions Picnic in the Park

Poplar Hill Lions Picnic in the Park

June 11 between 5 and 7pm in Poplar Hill Park

Just like the old days!!
Come see us in the park with lots of exciting things to do for the family and kids.

The Poplar Hill & District Lions Club Tree Sale 2022

Discounted Trees Sale

- Thank you for your support and watch out for our next sale -

The Poplar Hill Lions has now took on the annual sale of roadside trees started by Trees Middlesex Centre in 2011.

The objective is to encourage the planting of native deciduous species that can be seen along the roads of Middlesex Centre. By ordering in bulk and applying for grants to subsidize the cost, we can provide trees to residents at a significant discount.

Trees planted along the roads over 100 years ago have provided shade, windbreaks, have been homes to wildlife, enhance the environment and add scenic appeal to the community. These trees have reached the end of their lifespan and most have been taken down in recent years. New trees are needed to replace them and serve these functions.

Trees for sale flyer and order details (please read)

Care for your tree instructions

Poplar Hill & District Lions Club support Marty’s Brain Cancer Recovery!

Please support Marty’s Brain Cancer Recovery!

Just a few short weeks ago Marty Ferreira age 11 was an active boy playing games outside at his home in Poplar Hill ON just outside London, until one night suddenly waking sick with a debilitating headache.
Taken to LHSC Children’s Hospital a scan revealed a parent’s worst nightmare, a brain tumor. Within days Marty bravely underwent brain surgery with most but not all of this cancerous tumor removed.
His journey to recovery is only just beginning. A potential second surgery in Toronto is on the table, and after he recovers he will be heading to Boston for radiation treatment for 2 months, then chemotherapy upon his return.
Naturally there are immense costs to all of this and the spirit of this wonderful community is to help this brave boy and his family.

Click here to support Marty’s Brain Cancer Recovery

Poplar Hill President


At our last event in February 2020, standing tall is the Poplar Hill and District Lions Club's Lion Vicki Zavitz who became our first lady President for the 2020-2021 Lions year. Due to Covid, the executive will remain as it was and Lion Vicki will serve a second year as President 2021-2022.
Congratulations President Lion Vicki.

To the far right is Lion Earl Crisp, our President at the time of Trivia. We thank Lion Earl for his Presidency (2019-2020) through the difficult times we faced at the start of Covid-19 in early 2020!

You may have noticed the Poplar Hill Lions have still operated on a smaller scale and remotely to serve our community as safely and as best they can.
We'll be back on a larger scale as it become safer to socialize.
Be safe everyone and follow us on Facebook

Located in Poplar Hill and Coldstream, Ontario, Canada

Our postal address is 10094 Ilderton Rd. RR#2 Ilderton, Ontario N0M 2A0
or please click on email link at bottom of page if you wish to email us